The tritone!

This is probably my second post about music, but it brings together one of my past loves (romantic and 20thC music) with my new interest (heavy metal)

This link is about the beautiful interval known as the ‘tritone’. Note the little joke taht the writer makes ranking the tritone between the ‘augmented 4th’ and diminished 5th’ (they all the same). I’m learning more about heavy metal and I used to look at music, taking an interest in 19thC composers (a la chopin), I always remember this base feeling that I had when I played the tritone in the revolutionary etude, listen to it and it is the second sequential run that the left hand does in the piece, it is so carnal, so tense, so beautiful. Michael Angelo Batio and the keyboardist from Nightwish both studied music theory! yeah!! Oh yeah, and I remember the tritone used in serialism, hmm tasty.

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