The importance of philosophy

I have been screening through the university unit catalogue and seeing what other people study (as well as what I could possibly study next year). I found interesting things, such as.

  1. Chemistry requires knowledge in physics and mathematics
  2. Mathematics relates to philosophical logic
  3. Engineering mathematics, which considers artificial intelligence, uses predicate logic as its bread and butter
  4. Medicine requires competence in ethics (bioethics) which relates to philosophical ethics
  5. Medicine and legal issues in medicine need answers to philosophical questions such as ‘when does life begin’
  6. Natural scientists cannot know the full implications of their research, but it is up to the philosophers of science to interpret that.
  7. Political science requires the philosopher to reason out the implications of their social and political models, before, or after they are implemented.

What can be concluded from this?

Strong conclusion: Philosophy is an important human pursuit

Weak conclusion: Philosophy is a vague concept

I will hope to give a definitive definition of philosophy one day, but for now philosophy will primarily consist of metaphysics and epistemology; that is: what is the nature of x and what can we know?

3 thoughts on “The importance of philosophy

  1. I had to do a major assignment on philisophy. I spent a lot of hours trying to come up with a reasonable essay that would help me pass at the least. I read somewhere that philisophy is really, speaking your mind out loud. I took the same approach in the essay and came out with the second best paper in my class…hehe…amazing stuff a bit harrowing though.

  2. Philosophy must not be as vague as you say. Philosophy should be defined specifically into metaphysics and epistemology. If you want a word for what people thinking out loud, how about EXEGESIS.

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