2 years on

Cut back two years ago. A gang of friends hopeful for the future arrive at their school for one last time on an official capacity. All of them hopeful and fearful for what they may learn about themselves. Each one of them, different, unique, yet bounded by a few things in common, namely, the gift of laughter and friendship. Those men were, and still are, the Yeah Crew. Named so in our shared appreciation of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The day before our results, we spent in Richard White’s house. We had a barbeque, we met with familiar and not-so familiar faces, we looked through Richard’s brother’s porno stash and we saw Commando and the feature length pilot of Thunder in Paradise. We laughed very much, some highlights include

  • ‘Jessie’, the giant russian
  • The bit where it showed a closeup of the missile firing
  • Hulk pushing those two wooden poles underwater
  • The trailer for Cyborg Cop 2
  • The fight between Bennett and Matrix in Commando

It was in many ways the first day of the Yeah Crew, and perhaps its last. What we had represented an epoch, a snapshot of that current time. On the day of our results, our futures were determined, opening us to new oppurtunities. We bid adieu to our past, and send greetings to the unknown.

Some of us were very pleased with how we achieved, after much work and personal loss, we achieved more than we expected. After the failure of the year before, we finally had something to smile about. We were made men by that fine institution.

The focus of my piece is not where we were two years ago, but where we are now. Where are we now? We were formed from young boys into young men, yet to experience the war of adulthood, but nonetheless equipped to deal with it.

Sometimes when we go through events in life we ask ‘what will happen after this?’ or ‘where will I be a year after this?’. In my free time, may I ponder that. We have moved far from what we used to be. Since then, some of us have found love, some in the most unexpected of places. Some of you are very happy in your relationships. Come to think of it, nearly all of you have found someone since then. Some of you are wage-earners! Of the world we were brought up in we engage with. A couple of you are to going on to masters degrees.

What a world you guys have set up for yourselves, as if your future is already set for you. YOu have set in the roots for the life you will live for many years to come.

(paragraph omitted – 18/08/06)

(paragraph omitted – 18/08/06)

Where are the yeah crew today? Some of you are at work, with your families, in strange cities, with your romantic interests, (remainder of paragraph omitted – 18/08/06)

I wonder what will happen next year.

And with that I end, bon anniversaire, to the birth and crystallisation of the Yeah Crew.


(This post is heavily edited from original, due to being too pessimistic)

3 thoughts on “2 years on

  1. very true mike, but i suppose in the words of old frankie, ‘thats life’. nothing stays exactly the same forever. still, i would say that we are all the same personality wise as we were 2 years ago, its just we have greater experience of things, which is a good thing.

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