Explanation for my absence

Hello all,

People have been asking me questions, not the good kind such as pertaining to the nature of the right and the just, the real and the knowable or the imposed or the discovered, but about my suspicious behaviour of late. Firstly, I apologise for not being there to events where I was obliged, such as the running of my discussion group, preparing for a presentation and other meetings.

I was hospitalised due to a long term illness which reached a critical stage. The medical team evaded my consent and I am very angry at their violation of the tenet of confidentiality, consent and integrity. Words cannot express how angry I am, but actions can. I guess I have been concealing it from other people (such as yourselves) for too long, but surely if I wanted you to know, I’d tell you, its no one else’s business otherwise unless it affects them.

Some of you (not naming names) have even been monitoring my activity since my release from afar, I’m not sure why, voyeurism perhaps, if you want to know something, just bloody ask me and don’t fucking spy on me.

Thanks for your concern to most of you, unnecessary, but thanks.


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