What if your deeply held desire was conditioned?

I was considering the various objects in my preferential set, and I considered this.

i. What if desire p was socially constructed?

ii. If p is socially constructed, what implications have these?

iii. What are the original, pre-set desires?

Part i.

People come to like something after first experiencing it and developing a liking for it.

People are made to like something because they are told to

People are made to like something because they are told that to be in the state of liking them is desirable (e.g. The desirability in the belief in God and other second order desires)

People are cultural slaves, they have little means of fighting the institutes whom groom them; eventually, those children will become the very oppressors who oppressed them; thus the incest of hegemony continues.

Part ii,

Perhaps theses like the culture industry (Adorno) show how passive-receptive we are in taking in desires

Maybe this is just a way we operate, some are taught to like pizza and hummous, whilst others are taught to like falafels and sushi (bad examples, I know); some people are groomed to become metalheads while others become classical cellists. I’m not saying its a simple causal link, there is a rich tapestry of phenomena which determines our preferential set, but my point is this: there are some desires which are invented and are not pre-existent.

The question is: which are they?

Some belief-desires which worry me in particular as possibly being conditioned:

  1. The ideal life is one of contemplation – to live to that ideal is an imperative
  2. Romanticism as the superior form of human expression – to pursue that as a form of beauty expression is an imperative
  3. Philos is not only possible, but desirable, an imperative for happiness and a good life.

These are tenets which are very important in my life. If I were to learn that they were culturally conditioned; what would that mean?

  1. To construe them as meaningful truths is meaningless and false
  2. They are artificial desires, get rid of them
  3. They are the only desires I have, stick with them, until a desire with greater yield comes along

Part iii.

Let us speculate, what possible ‘factory setting’ desires there are:

i. Self-preservation

ii. Fulfillment?

iii. erm–that’s it…

The second one I speculate, satisfaction is not a necessary way to live a life, as Kant shows us.

But self-preservation? That seems to be the most fundamental desire and in some way, everyone seeks to be self-preserving.

What about self-destructive behaviour? Cries thee

Self-destruction is self-imposed, one preserves their autonomy.

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