Cameron’s ‘family’ agenda

Today I was watching the news and I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. The conservatives refer to a piece of ‘research’ which correlates everything bad with having a bad family.

These ‘bad things’ include: poverty, substance abuse, criminality, educational failure. Divorce rate is on the up, and that is seen as a bad thing.

They made such a horrific characterisation: on ITV they said that the ‘ideal’ family is a heterosexual couple: Mr. and Mrs. Jones, with two pretty, successful and content with their lives.

BY CONTRAST: the ‘problem’ family is ‘ms. bovvered’ (alluding to Catherine Tate’s teenage character), who’s ‘partner’ is ‘mr. runaway’, who left her and the kids; her daughter is a teenage mother and her son has an ASBO. To put this sort of crap on the news is hurrendous. Worse still, people won’t mind this characterisation.

Some say it is a ‘back to basics’ revival of the Major years. I feel some of the sociological critiques made of then can be made of now:

i. Non-traditional families have different aetiologies than simply runaway fathers and promiscuous or non-married couples; homosexual partners, bereavement/illness, distance due to parent’s/parents occupation.

ii. The claims made by the conservatives is based on evidence; oh, so that must mean their stuff is watertight unless you disagree with the evidence, which is a ‘pointless’ venture – it is not pointless to question the methodology, however. These are naturalist, positivists who think only of social facts.

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