Intelligence quotience

I undertood an intelligence quotience test using the bona fides stanford binet desiderata. Yes, I’ll be the first one to tell you IQ is a social construction and isn’t an objective measure of intelligence, but lets just forget that for a moment…

It seems the average philosopher’s IQ is 160. A scientist is 159 and a soldier is 135.

Kant’s: 175

Descartes: 185

Wittgenstein: 190

Mozart’s IQ is in the 130’s

My IQ when I was 9 was 115. Now, it is 125. PITIFUL! Oh man, I should just kill myself now given my intellectual inferiority. If I were put in a room with the philosophical greats they would wipe the floor with me. I did find, however, that 125 is a PhD level/professional IQ range. If only I were 5 more and I could be ‘gifted’.

The intersting thing I found about the IQ test was that it tests your mathematical and language computational capacities; if you find formal correlations in arithmetic and logic you should be able to do well. I had to estimate 7! (7 factorial) for the test! Not easy stuff.

Maybe in the future my IQ will increase, I’m sure Kant wasn’t 175 until he discovered Transcendental philosophy in his 50’s.

Also, Bertrand Russell is predicted 180. Legend.

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