Propaedeutic to a firm foundation of rationality

The history  of all hitherto existing society is the history between reason and emotion.

Philosopher and theologian, romantic and bright, bureaucrat to serf stands in historical dialectic which maintains a constant opposition to one another.

The rationality proponents the primacy of the unseen, that which cannot be ‘felt’. Through lady reason, we can ascend our pathetic temporary forms and touch the eternal.

The enemy of the rationalist is none other than he who places experience at the forefront. Experience can tell us the obvious about the here and now, and uniformity may even tell us about universality (arguably!).

Both have interesting insights, but my quandry is this; we talk about ‘rationality’ and reason so often, we talk of ‘rash’ decisions and angry, spontaneous and other such spastic reactions which are construed as genuine experience.

Kant tells us that an action must be rational if it is to be genuinely rational. Is this really true? This is something I shall explore.

A larger project, is to understand what we are; in particular, the component of us that brings cognizance of reality; understanding and explanation of phenomena genera. That which judges what is beautiful, what is true, and what is good. One man called this project A Treatise of Human Nature, another, called it the Critique of Pure and Pratical reason and the powers of Judgement; both mean in simplest terms: a theory of the mind.

People talk about the soul, the outside world, bodies beyond us, but my aspiration is to understand that body within us, rather than those starry skies.


People talk about reason as if it is synonymous with logic; psychologism is dead! Even Husserl refuted it!

My most pressing concern is not the cognitive construction of our world, which I find most interesting (especially Transcendental Idealism). My concern is ACTION.

How far are actions ‘rational?’ What does it even mean to be rational? What about emotions? How do they fit in our ontology?

This is only a propadeutic. Prolegemena! You denigrate me, but I tell you; before we reach to the stars we must know that we have a hand.

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