Redefining values

Axiom: Values (memes) can be redefined as communities see fit.

This goes against and intuition that social values, compared to say, empirical facts, are in some way obvious and uninterpretive (of course, if you have read Quine you wouldn’t think the latter).

Anyhoo, here are a couple of examples.

I. Swastikas; represented a Hindu religious sign of peace, then became a symbol of hatred, then, a symbol of challenge against the social norm by the punk movement.

II. Long hair: Typically seen as effeminate, or in some way subordinate; however, early Heavy Metal movement and romantic larkings of a past, bygone age before reason contest that long hair (on a man) represent the pinnacle of nonreason and brutish primacy.

Whether we agree with the memes or not as a factual matter, know this; nothing is obvious in the social world.

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