Reading speed

What is your reading speed? This is something that interested me profusely last year.

One of my friends read a 400 page book in 3-5 hours; I thought that was legendary. My personal best was reading and annotating Wilde’s ‘A picture of Dorian Gray’ in 5 hours but that cannot beat reading the whole of the history of science like this guy.

One of the things students do is read, however the quality and speed is important; the standard of reading is also crucial.

I’ve found it goes like this in difficulty

Translations – ranges from medium to EXTREME

Mathematics and logic – hardest

Analytic philosophy – very hard

Natural science -medium

Social science – easy

History – easy

Literature – piss

A page of Kant – 1 hour

200 pages of literature – 2-4 hours

100 pages of social science – 1-4 hours

10 pages of analyic philosophy – 1-2 hours

A chapter of Hume (or any other British Philosopher) – 1 hour

My illness of late has severely impaired my ability to read; but I wonder, how do the legends of the world read?

Listening to thrash metal also helps, good old sepultura and megadeth…

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