Hellenic wisdom

Hellenic wisdom is so profound, I just don’t really know what to think anymore.

Two people are in a dialogue; Helenios and Sinistre.

Sinistre says ‘I have the culture and science of two thousand years’; I know the best of the best of humanity.

Helenios says ‘you are a wise man, left one, but you know that 2000 years that you have culminated does not satisfy your mind’

Sinistre: yes, I am not satisfied with the people of the market; I wish that the Archon of 200 years ago ruled us today

Helenios: 200 years have passed since then; that rule is now a despot, and would have no appeal or know how to appeal to the masses

Sinistre: Maybe, but the Archon was a strong and powerful man; the state needs a new leader to show us our wrongs

Helenios: You must change the state yourself; Archons of the past are long gone; so have the salience of their ideas.

Sinistre: I care greatly for the moral poverty of our state; we MUST reform

Helenios: The state is but a partial aspect of your life.

Sinistre: The state is the best way to help our fellow brothers who hurt each other and are destroying democracy.

Helenios: Democracy is only a partial aspect of your life.

Sinistre: I don’t understand;

Helenios; A world without democracy will affect you in part; a world of mob hysteria, too will only affect you in part; why not deal with the whole of your problem.

Sinistre: What is the whole?

Helenios: That is you; your self-interest is what comes first; your wellbeing; values, archons and governments come and go; but once you are gone; there is only dust.

Sinistre: I am dust; but they are the winds

Helenios: The winds always change; but you will not change that you will be dust; if you are to be self-interested; indulge in your own pursuits; engage in the whole and not in the part. One who concerns only with the people or democracy forgets himself.

Sinistre: The whole is the sum of its parts-

Helenios: but part in singular is no whole; you can engage in politics like a citizen, but you are also a man; be a man too; you are also a father; be a father too; you are also a son; be a good son. You are not just a statesman.

Sinistre: These things are not important to me.

Helenios: What is it that really concerns you; the part particular to governance; or the whole general of you?

Sinistre: It just seems too late, Helenios; I had a time where I needed my children, my parents, and my wife; but they were not there. Now that they come back to me; I have everything again, but I have lost the most important thing.

Helenios: What is that?

Sinistre: I’ve stopped hoping for my future, and now am concerned with governance.

Helenios; I pity you, young man, your self-imposed minority is not needed anymore; you can find happiness again.

Sinistre: I’ve lost too much…

Helenios: When I first saw you; you had many strong ideals, now, you are a broken man; there really is no difference in ontos, merely in episteme.

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