A new high culture

I call into the moonlight.
The sky fixed me with its stare.
Filled me with razor-teeth.
And covered me in hair.
Did you ever think, that the stink,
Of the flesh, that I suck, would be you, sad fuck.

(M. Hietala and J. Tolsa)

To defeat the enemy, we must use her weapons; but not be consumed by their ideology.

Let us assume the enlightenment has failed; let us assume that the only response we can have to the status quo is pessimism; such as that of Weber and Nietzsche, and also carried on by the continentals.

Imagine a culture which expresses this; doubt in the political system; the oppression of the dionysian; where opposition to the status quo and sentimentality must be expressed through sentimentality and the status quo.

This will be a bloody war; and not even the just can be good. The greatness will come generations after. High culture will come through the degradation of the low.

It will not come in my lifetime, I know that now.

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