Two desiderata

After my meeting with Bastion; I went into my study; I went through the works of Spinoza and read Adorno as light reading. I begin to realise the genius of Kant. While going through some Spinozist demonstrations; Enter Destre.

 Destre: You have been busy; brother.

Sinistre: I have been organising and mobilising groups; for the dream.

Destre: The beautiful dream; of children challenging schoolmen; of schoolmen challenging university men; and university folk challenging themselves. A world where free questioning and critical enquiry is the rule and tradition is only held insofar as it is rational or appropos to keep them.

Sinistre: I do not wish to live this life. My ideas are not yet matured; I still need to read more Kant, more Leibniz, more Kripke, more Davidson, Wittgenstein-

Destre: As do I; friend, but your duty is to your people.

Sinistre: I don’t have any true comrades anymore; the ideals of Trugrar are as dead as his disciples.

Destre: My mind is weak; my head aches; each morning I wake up I wonder why I keep going, why I get out of bed, I assume there is a purpose but there is none. All my life I spend in quiet contemplation; in constant physical pain.

Sinistre: I too desire the life of solitude; I once wanted love, glory and wealth. Either I realised I could never achieve it, or I realised that it was not worth getting.

Destre: You dreamt that I would never intefere with your life again; or disturb you.

Sinistre: I dreamt to live with Lucille; spent the rest of my life with her; have children. We even knew the names of our kids. Before I got married; I’d have lots of fun.

Destre: You failed in every possible respect of being a human being

Sinistre: How accurate. I guess that’s why we are here.

Destre: I am here to tell you that you need to keep going; every queen needs a knight, and you will be that knight; you have the strength, resilience and wit to defend the project of reason; or, at least; you will, eventually.

Sinistre: I desire the life of contemplation

Destre: I desire the life of embodied cognition; but we can’t have everything we want. It’s the only reason I get up in the morning; the hope that one day, reason will conquer nature and humanity will truly be perfect creation.

Sinistre: You must continue to do your reading; but I need you more than anything.-

“We are fundamentally on our own…”

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