Sexual morality after Christianity: A talk by Dr. Seiriol Morgan

Of all the university societies; it is the atheists who attract the most philosophers; professionals and dogmatists. A good multicultural society should contain all of its enemies in the same locus.

 The talk by the Atheist, Agnostic and Secular Society (a poster nearby said ‘AASS TALK AT 4PM’ – the pun was apropos given the subject matter) on post-Christian liberal sexual ethics. It was a very interesting and challenging talk; although the speaker, Dr. Morgan was explicitly a liberal and a secular atheist, he was not permissive of all under the liberal moniker; in fact, he expressed doubts about simplifying sexual morality and psychology into a single issue; rather, they consist of a series of considerations other than simply consent; there is the emotional and social wellbeing of a person and the background between the two agents. All very interesting; it seemed his enemies are the extreme religious types who try to denigrate sexuality or most forms of sexual experssion; and also those who go too far in their pursuit of sexual pleasure, like those who appeal to abusive social relations (such as sex with prostitutes, or emotionally using the vulnerable).

There were also a few jocular anecdotes, I suppose the same cannot be done when talking about the metaphysics of Leibniz; the only anecdote that would come from Leibniz would be a discussion of calculus.

I do wish more non-atheists were at the talk; we need engagement like that for opposing views to become either more sophisticated, or conflate into the other.

An interesting philosophical issue that came up was intentionality; this is something I would like to read more about one day. It is a very difficult, yet interesting area.

Keep your eyes open,


[Edit 12.09.07]


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