Kant the atheist

This is something I had been hoping was true for so long! I now have found sources which strongly suggest Kant doesn’t believe in God; not just the J-C God; any kind of GOD! There are textual sources which are necessarily ambiguous; as his system allows for a God, but biographical sources can be twisted to demonstrate how he is an atheist. I need to do more reading; refer to Manfed Kuehn’s biography

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I only have a few hours a day, nay, a month, in which I am truly the person I want to be. The rest of the time I feel hopeless, empty, weak. For the hours when I am alive; I am immortal, I am potential actualised, I am not a man, I am dynamite. My life is so short; I do not know when I will be awake again, because of that. I must appreciate every moment I am alive. I may not come back again.


Archetypes of greatness

1. The person who is rarely living; the person who is dead; the person who is in a state of constant rest. The person who is only alive when they are at their greatest, at all other times they are dormant. This is the hero who saves the world; but his world was not saved: he is the living dead.

2. The person who everyone relies on, who is reliable, who is always there for you. This person is great, he is constantly present. This person is almost never absent in the community. This is the person who is useful in many situations. She is great in her own right.

Are both mutually exclusive?