Megadeth remake a classic: A Tout le Monde

Megadeth has remade their classic song from the Youthanasia album “A tout le monde”. They have even put in a little surprise, if you like Lacuna Coil you have got to see this…I wish they put in a Finnish guy….*cough*. Anyhow, here is their original version; consider the following, Marty Friedman’s solo, the sepia colouration, the idiosyncratic voice of Mustaine that has come to be loved in earlier Megadeth work. I hope the band has learned their lesson from the album Risk.

Look at the new version; consider change in tempo, the gentler timbre of Mustaine, the backing vocals, the two crucifixes attached on Mustaine, the ‘Lacuna Coil’ factor (which I very much enjoy), the new guitar solo – NOT Friedman style  – but a bit more technical. They re-did Hangar 18, so why not redo this! I love this song, Megadeth are awsome. Take a look

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