Used books rule!

I bought some nice used books today and yesterday from the Oxfam store; they have a fine collection, I relieved them of the following:

Language, Truth and Logic (Ayer)

In case you don’t know, this is a pretty infamous work of philosophy. It is a good appropriation of Humean themes, but a pretty poor line of thought (by today’s standards), it is very intuitive and as such, it is a valuable work

Aquinas (Copleston SJ)

Not heard much about this, but Father Copleston was a Jesuit philosopher and wrote a history of philosophy series which exceeds and supercedes Russell’s appropration of the subject. As a Catholic, he should be sympathetic and knowledgeable about Doctor Aquinas. As a philosopher, it shall be useful and written for even non-Catholic readers.

Wittgenstein (Kenny)

I’ve heard this is a classic and one of the standard commentaries. While it’s not a Kripke, it benefits from not being a Kripke.

The Analysis of Mind (Russell)

From what I’ve looked at so far, this is an attempt at a general psychology; I don’t really want to say it’s phil0sophical psychology, although it may very well be. Russell apparently uses physics and psychology as a resource or paradigm case for his study.

The Philosophy of Society (anthology, Beehler and Drengson eds.)

A collection of essays from pretty interesting writers; including Charles Taylor’s “Interpretation and the science of man” essay which I have never been able to penetrate – ITS HARD.

Philosophy of Natural Science (Hempel)

I’m always on about HD, I thought I might read about DN for a change!

Marx and Engels: Selected works (Lawrence and Wishart eds.)

I saw more books I wanted to buy but I exceeded my daily set allowance already! I saw “Personal Identity” edited by John Perry and an anthology for the Philosophy of Mind which has topics on articificial intelligence (with a Turing article), consciousness, dualism, interpretationism and lots, lots more.

 I have obtained a book by Barth on philosophy (and a slant on theology) with an important chapter on Kant


 Editor’s note: Over the apst year I have only obtained 25 books in my collection; the rest being library borrows. Given that in between my first and second year I got 80-100 books purchased, 25 in a year is pretty pathetic.

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