The waiting game (and a youtube treat)

Tis a bit boring today; I just await my results. There are a few things I could do, but I feel really tired. I could do coffee with an acquaintance, but I’m just exhausted. I wish it were cold so I can wear my smart clothing. Maybe I’ll listen to some more albums later. Anyway, to make this post more than a pathetic rant; here is the worst attempt at a music video that is so bad, it’s funny and good; star wars kid meets NWA in ‘Bad Beat’:

Would like to hear your opinions on this.

2 thoughts on “The waiting game (and a youtube treat)

  1. Dramatis personae:

    i. Two guys dressed as if it were the 90s
    ii. A guy in a tux
    iii. A cowboy

    Notable features:

    i. Bad dancing
    ii. Homosexuality
    iii. Anti-semitic line omission
    iv. Guy (rubber dick?) with headphones and faded denim jacket hangs around in playground


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