Plato’s Timaeus: The Conference

[Destre: Sir Anthony Leggett  is a Nobel Prize winner, and an Alumni of my fair seminary institution, a physicist; I am surprised he’d give a talk on Plato!]

Plato’s Timaeus: The Conference. September 13-16, 2007, University of

Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

The Departments of the Philosophy and Classics, UIUC, are mounting an

international, interdisciplinary conference on Plato’s Timaeus. Keynote

speakers are Alexander Nehamas (Philosophy and Comparative Literature,

Princeton), Sir Anthony Leggett (2003 Nobel Laureate for Physics), and

Anthony Vidler (Dean of Architecture, the Cooper Union).

Plenary speakers are:

Ann Bergren (Classics, UCLA), Gabor Betegh (Philosophy, CEU, Budapest),

Justin Broackes (Philosophy, Brown), Sarah Broadie (Philosophy, St.

Andrews), Myles Burnyeat (Philosophy, Oxford), Sean Carroll (Physics, Cal

Tech), Alan Code (Philosophy, Rutgers), Zina Giannopoulou (Classics, U.

Cal-Irvine), Verity Harte (Philosophy, Yale), Katerina Ierodiakonou

(Philosophy, U. Athens), Thomas Kjeller Johansen (Philosophy, Oxford),

Charles Kahn (Philosophy, U. Penn), Anthony Long (Classics, U.

Cal-Berkeley), Stephen Menn (Philosophy, McGill), Mitchell Miller

(Philosophy, Vassar), Kathryn Morgan (Classics, UCLA),

Alexander Mourelatos (Philosophy, U. Texas-Austin), Ian Mueller (Philosophy,

U. Chicago), Thomas M. Robinson (Philosophy and Classics, U. Toronto), Allan

Silverman (Philosophy, Ohio State), Matthias Vorwerk (Philosophy, CUA),

Donald Zeyl (Philosophy, U. Rhode Island)

Prompted by the explosion of critical interest in the dialogue since the

turn of the millennium, the conference will address all of its aspects – its

theology, metaphysics, cosmology, science, psychology, ethics, literary

aspects, and reception in the history of ideas. For the program and

registration information we invite you to visit our website

or to contact the conference organizers Richard Mohr ( and


Sattler (


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