Gordon Bennett! (read: Brown)

I have hardly been following the political scene recently, which is quite bad. I remember back in my ‘A’ levels, I was saying to a friend how my last exam was on the same day as the Iraq handover in 2004, but it happened earlier than expected, and, as a turn of fate goes, it was on HIS last exam. We found that quite funny, intersecting the world events that coalesce with that of our own life. It is quite weird how a narrative of politics and celebrity go on as we live our normal life, and how, we remember each by comparing one to the other – I may remember a film because of who I went with, who was going out with who etc.

 Anyhoo, enough about the postmodern condition! One thing I have been vaguely following is the instatement of Gordon Brown, former Chancellor, as Prime Minister succeeding Tony Blair. Some of the policies are a marked change from Blair; such as the doubt about the ‘super-casinos’, and the proposal to reduce powers for the PM. My kneejerk reaction is that this is a man who just wants to get on with the task at hand, and seems to be quite popular. I (at least prima facie), seem to like these proposals, but I can’t but help suspect something is up…

Perhaps he posits popular policies, THEN proposes something very drastic

Perhaps he becomes popular, THEN asks for more powers (Palpatine strategy)

Perhaps he is genuinely a well meaning politician who may place public confidence in his office after the Bliar era (Gerald Ford strategy)

I like to see what comes of this fellow, Brown. I hope the proposals keep coming, too.



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