The teen is father to the man!

My SJ teacher told me once: the boy is father to the man. Who we are as young people is highly influential upon the mature men we shall be (we were in an all male environment so gender neutral talk was not an issue).

The boy is father to the man.

Lets permutate that: the teen is father to the man!

Yesterday, or whenever it was, I saw a girl from my distant past. It was a girl I had a crush on, or was that plural? Anyhoo, I thought to myself: back then, I was so scared and nervous around females that I acted all weird and distant. Now, I am weird and distant anyway, but still scared and nervous around females! Despite being Mr. BSc in philosophy and sociology, who wrote a paper on the Hypothetico-Deductive method in social science, challenged mental torment and won, helped countless people with life and academic matters, performed a 20 minutes recital, wrote a poem, have had two newspaper articles published, and even humiliated a senior state official through philosophical reasoning, I cannot talk to this particular female!

This is a travesty! I suppose inadequacy with the opposite sex is a sign of being a Kantian philosopher. Or being Kant himself. I had no confidence problems with giving my ‘five ways’, or challenging orthodoxy. But when it comes to a girlie, I am still a scrawny inadequate nervous teen.

I guess some things will never change…that’s kind of comforting in a way, Heraclitus was wrong.

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