‘…like a bus’

Sinistre once said to me; finding a good {woman, or any other cognate word}, is like waiting for a bus. You wait ages for one to come, and maybe a lot later on, or when you are about to leave; a whole bunch of them come at once.

I’ve finally gotten my postgraduate application form!! Yay!! Also, I have gotten contact from my driving instructor. Ages waiting have finally arrived. Hopefully I could get into university again as a ‘postgraduate’, and, with a proper driving licence!!

It feels weird though… just under a month ago I said goodbye, and now I am coming in as if I have never been there. Life is weird; like two people inventing calculus within the same generation *cough* (it’s an inside joke of this particular period; it shall pass!). Hopefully I’ll see the old gang again…

Eagerly, nervously, feared-ly yours,



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