The material dialectic of boredom and death…or another day, in your terms.

The contradiction of human existence is that we both are susceptable to both incredible monotony, and death. Both complete opposites, yet, perhaps seem the same in a sense. How are they opposite? you may ask. I answer; monotony is very much a part of life, it is very much being alive, yet, it feels like death itself, although we don’t really have a clue about what death is like, although it may involve After Forever and Epica as the soundtrack.

I’ve finally started getting things into play, it is taking longer than I expected, but it is nonetheless coming along. I’ve been drafting some ideas for some philosophical projects; the more original of them involves a thesis in aesthetics that straddles between Kant, Aristotle, ethics and psychology.

Another big project I have in mind is to ask the question ‘what is rationality?’ – however, if I have to go into the Sleeping Beauty paradox and the nature of probability, I’m going to jump out of that faster than a cold shower!! Probability in philosophy scares me; I’ve tried to read Carnap – and I was plunged in a language of set theory and logic that I was just not knowledgeable about. Despite that, I think the point of being a good philosopher is that you are taken to very uncomfortable and difficult places.

If that is what philosophy is about, then my life is a good background experience for philosophy.


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