When crowd mentality goes too far

I should do a longer post on this, but this is just a really short one. This topic deserves MUCH more detail. I’m not a psychologist, so I must admit of poverty to contribution.

THe herd instinct, the atttitude of the masses. They evoke group feelings, I could give the obvious examples of ‘Germany’ during the early 20thC, but that’s done to death (no pun intended). So, here are examples of when public sentiment becomes ridiculous and goes too far:

1. Princess Diana  – It was tragic that the Princess of Wales died, and especially in the circumstances, okay, maybe Elton’s song was apt, but that was 10 years ago! There is such a thing as too much sentiment. A more appropriate response is looking back at it as a sad part of history. Okay, more

2. Reality TV – Big Brother, singing contests. People want violence and conflict just short of death. Ever seen that film ‘The Running Man’? We are nearly going there…

3. Moral panics – there is a HUGE body of sociological data on this. It’s QED sound.


P.S. I should be doing more of the posts around this time now; as D and M are not too well right now.

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