An amazing proposal

Dear Readers, I have an amazing fortune!! Please see enclosed email:

Dear Friend,

I know this letter will come as a surprise to you, but I would like you togive it a top consideration so as to help my family and me from our Present Predicament. I am Anna Wright, the first daugther of Mr. Kelvin Wright, an Australian Farmer Based In Zimbabwe.
My father is now dead as a result of his incarceration by The Zimbabwean Government under President Robert Mugabe who ordered the White Farmers in Zimbabwe to vacate their Farm Land and go back to their country. But my father,due to his largeinvestment in the farm land refused to Quit Zimbabwe for his country.

Based on this reason he was arrested and Imprisoned and as a result of his protracted sickness [Diabetics] he died in Manfe Prison on 19th sept 2002.May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace.After his death, all efforts by my mother who is a Zimbabwean to secure Most of my father’s investment was frustrated by the President Mugabes Government. Towards this end my mother discovered an original certificate of deposit for a trunk box containing the sum of Fifteen million united state Dollars(US$I5, 000,000) deposited by my late father in custody of a security/finance company, the money right now is in SPAIN(EUROPE)The Money Belonged to my late father Which he intented to use in purchasing heavy duty tractors before he was imprisoned and eventually died.

We were able to trace the security and finance company in SPAIN (EUROPE),where the box containing the money is presently deposited, declared as family jewellries and antiquities as to avoid raising any eye brow from the authorities here. All documented proofs in respect of this deposited consignment are in our family attorney’s possesion. As it is, I am looking for a reliable Person who can help us safe-guide and invest this money very prudently in his/her company as advised by my mother.20% of this money will be given to you in appreciation for your assistance.

Also note that this transaction is 100% fee risk free, Please confirm your intereston this transaction and contact me on my email addressat  present, I, my younger sister and my mother are in neighbouring country Lesotho following threats on our lives when we filed a suite against the unjust act.  Our family attorney also relocated to London.He will be the one to issue you every document as regards the transaction.

If you wish to speak with him, his contact number in London is +44 70457 50697

Thanks and Remain blessed as I await your response.

Anna Wright

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