Laser: Our friend!

I was just milling about wikipedia (as one does), and I thought of something to look up. You guessed it, lasers. Laser, or (lazer for US readers), is a word that brings to me kitch science fiction and people trying to be cool in the 1990s.

I didn’t realise how important lasers are. Here are some uses that I have that lasers have:

  1. Printers
  2. Data reading
  3. Sensors, which have uses in medicine and experimental sciences
  4. Communications
  5. Calculating distances
  6. “Inertial confinement fusion” – work in process
  7. Defence/countermeasure
  8. Targeting
  9. Deliberate blinding of combatants
  10. Dermatological (skin) modification
  11. Vision correction
  12. Scalpel/removal in surgery
  13. Dental applications

I must urge that these are general, and any given use above has lots of more qualifications and distinctions within that (sensors, for example).

I didn’t realise how important the laser was. This is a true success of our science.



2 thoughts on “Laser: Our friend!

  1. Laser, or (lazer for US readers)

    Pulleeze! No doubt for George W “Nukular” Bush it’s “lazer,” but the rest of us probably get it right at least as often as your average football hooligan. We did invent the things (or masers, at least).

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