Population: A serious issue

Among the serious issues of today’s world; from the culture war; to the ‘war’ of which no one here speaks; or the issues of multiculturalism; climate change and resource management, is another seperate, but important issue. Population

  • If population becomes too high, should the state establish incentives to engineer its population proportion?
  • Is it up to the state to govern how many children we have?
  • What do we do about overpopulation in some nations (e.g. China), with underpopulation in others (Italy)?
  • What impact does population change have on society (contemporary, and historical – [such as the baby-boomer phase of the 20thC])
  • What are the ethics of procreation? [edit] Is it morally wrong to have ‘too many children’? (I think Kant’s CI neatly comes to mind) Consider issues of liberty, the state, and wellbeing of the ecology and society as a whole
  • What ecological impact does population have?
  • What does ethical theory/political philosophy have to say about population, if anything?
  • How much does our perception of sexuality impact upon population?
  • Can we sustain populations? Should we put a ‘quota’?
  • What do we do if we have underpopulation of women/men in equal proportion?

I shall not venture to answer. But I always believe that a good solution depends on a properly defined question. Good questions lead to intelligent answers.



2 thoughts on “Population: A serious issue

  1. I plan to touch on this directly in the ethics campaign at some point – this is a great start to that piece when I get there. 😉 I have a related (speculative) question: must we at some point make a choice between longevity research and reproductive rights?

    And did you mean ‘what are the ethics of procreation?’ rather than recreation?

    Best wishes!

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