A blogging side-project

Dear Readers of the Noumenal Realm,

 After much consideration. Destre, Sinistre and myself have decided that one or more of us are going to undertake a side project. But don’t worry. This blog is not going to end. I do apologise, however; and we feel we must explain our motivations.

Identity: Some of my readers and correspondents have been speculating about the identity of Destre and Michael. We have always contemplated how much to reveal about my (Destre) life. Similarly, a lot of claims have been made that have been attributed to Michael which are not merited; as they belong to Sinistre and Myself. The latter two of whom remain anonymous.

The ‘tone’ of Noumenal realm: Noumenal Realm; and the blogs which it came from (since 2004) are the diaries of Sinistre and Michael. Our blog has turned into something of a topical thoughts-page than an anecdote website. Michael and Sinistre are upset that the tone of the blog has come onto ‘serious’ matters all the time. Certain things, certain participation, and certain organisations that the member(s) of NR are affiliated with deserve to be talked about; but we are not ready to reveal ourselves.

Honesty: There is an irony that I must share with you. The more I tell you about myself, the more difficult I am to identify. Furthermore; the more I say about myself; the less one truly understands. Here is another contradition; the fact that I am ‘Destre’ means I can be myself. If I told you who I really was you would never know who I really am….

Concluding: The Noumenal Realm shall be involved in another (here unnamed) blogging project. This is a ‘re-interpretation’ of the topics we normally write about. Don’t worry. You will still see us posting. This blog has gone from strength to strength. But sometimes you want to ride a bike when the train goes too far.



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