Thank you readers

I’ve reached and passed the 4000 hit mark; all thanks to you readers. The noumenal realm appreciates that you pay attention to the random and almost droll musings of three idiots who have no clue about anything. SAPERE AUDE



2 thoughts on “Thank you readers

  1. Congratulations! We are all idiots from some perspective, but you guys have clues about all sorts of things. You can tell the difference between ‘mind’ and ‘brain’ for a start – a lot of people really can’t. 😀

    Once again, felicitations on your arbitrary milestone!

  2. I remember an episode of ‘Batman of the Future’ (or Batman Beyond) if you aren’t in the UK; when the aged Bruce Wayne had an ear implant of a man who was talking to him; pretending to be Bruce’s own thoughts telling him to commit evil.

    At the end of the episode they find the culprit and Wayne turned out not to obey the voice in his head (implanted in his ear) at all. The future Batman; Terry McGinnis asks “how did you know it wasn’t your voice?”. And Bruce replied…”I don’t call myself Bruce in my head…”

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