Really busy

Hey all,

 I’ve started my new graduate studies and am very busy with that. I am a little exhausted and loads of new things have been going on for me. It is funny that the noumenal realm has come into personal contact with a particular person (no names being named) in a sick twist of fate.

Enough about that. Some really cool stuff has happened recently, and some really uncool stuff has happened. Does the greatness of the evil balance the greatness of the good? I don’t like balancing!

Anyhoo, Destre needs a bit of time of so I think Sinistre may be blogging a little more. My personal arrangements have changed quite a bit so perhaps you may not hear much from the Noumenal Realm as a whole.

I appreciate everyone who visits us; but master Destre is very distressed at people trying to find out his identity. Please leave him be!



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