A bisexual asymmetry

My anecdote 

A friend of mine asked me a question: if you had a girlfriend, would you let her have sex with another woman?

I replied: My goodness, I would feel horrified and hurt!

She replied: what if you could watch?*

I paused, taken aback by the comment, then replied: I would object to it on the basis that she would be committing an infidelity. My feelings would be very much hurt in virtue of her denigrating the bond that we have by allowing another person (her sex being irrelevant) to be intimate with her.


Of course, I would never be in a relationship such as that because of my obligations and my oath, but the thought drove me curious. I am repeating a view that has been stated in the noumenal realm a while back; but for the following reasons& I am repeating them.

(& Those reasons are:

1. To show new readers

2. I have writers block this week

3. This post is relevant to an actual conversation that made me provoked in thought)

IT is NOT acceptable if, we accept monogamy as a relationship norm; for a female in a heterosexual couple to transgress the fidelity of the relationship insofar as to have sexual relations with another female, but NOT a male; as it is perceived that the latter is a genuine break in relationship.

This seems to promote a very sexist attitude towards women. Men who allow that sort of infidelity to their relationship without the allowance of men to violate the fidelity of their respective girlfriends, or for another man to violate his fidelity with her.

Of course, cuckolding and swinging is a different issue altogether….



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