Information as monad

I’ve been considering the following recently, what if we understand the fundamental components of reality to be information?

I’ll try and write moer about this when I have time.



4 thoughts on “Information as monad

  1. I wrote about this before, a long while back, under the heading “The Object-Oriented Mind of God”, but I don’t remember anything I said. 🙂 I’m certain other people have pursued this angle as well.

    I think that, in so much as consciousness is seen as an information process, then information is reality. Is this not the underlying metaphor behind Wittgenstein et al in terms of ‘language as reality’? Information and language are closely related terms. “If Wittgenstein had used a computer instead of a typewriter”, so to speak…

    Best wishes!

  2. Whether Wittgenstein concieved of this is accidental to me. I thought about this from hearing about developments in quantum information and the suggestions that come from their metaphysics

  3. Yes, I appreciate this, and if you dig you’ll find other people coming at it from this angle. As is so often the case in comments, I was just speaking my mind. 🙂

    Best wishes!

  4. I find the more intelligent people suggest something independently, the more conceivable it is (just as a rule of thumb, of course)

    An example? CALCULUS!!!

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