Impossible worlds?

If we advocate that the ‘actual’ world is simply a local standpoint; and people in possible worlds see their world as actual. Is it feasible to talk of worlds where the following are true:

  1. Round square cupolas appear on Berkeley Square
  2. There are 50 invisible fat men by my door
  3. Geometry has permutated absurd laws – we could do pi functions by using, say, trigonometry?
  4. Absurd metaphysical/mathematical definitions obtain

Any thoughts? 



2 thoughts on “Impossible worlds?

  1. I think my views on these are probably quite predictable….

    1: Depends how the two adjectives round and square are meant to apply. After after a cylinder can have a circle and a square as projections.

    2: I would say that you can talk about a possible world in which there are causally disconnected regions. There is nothing logically problematic with this. Of course many might invoke Occham’s razor here.

    3: I would say this isn’t a problem. Geometry is purely arbitrary. Any other consistent system could be the basis of the space time of a universe (if the concepts of space and time even make sense in this other world).

    4: Metaphysical I haven’t decided on. I would attempt to define all metaphysical terms mathematically. I regard mathematics as the study of all possible universes (I might almost define the subject in that way). As such I think the variation of mathematical truths between possible worlds to be an impossibility. Certainly there might be a variation of what mathematical knowledge may (correctly or incorrectly) be deduced by agents within the possible world.

    I am of course well aware of the limitative results of logic and mathematics but do not consider them to cause actual problems with this view.

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