My name is Destre. That is a facade.

Why do we hide our faces? We do not hide our face, but rather, our face is what hides us.

Having a face, or facade, is what makes social interactions possible. We are enabled to be solicitors, lecturers, prostitutes, soldiers, lovers, and even philosophers by having this face. If I did not have my face, I would be nothing.

The phenomenal facade

Something alluding to Kant may be construed from this. Kant believed that in order to apprehend reality, we must impose a cognitive order to make it perceivable. Insofar as it is perception, it is not the real, or not the noumenal. The thing-as-perceived is different in unknowable ways to the thing-in-itself. We can know nothing of the thing in itself, but in order to know ANYTHING at all; we impose order, cognitive order.

Where is the analogy?

The analogy is this; in order to understand Destre, you cannot reduce me to what is behind the face, for the face is all there is in me. The fact that I have an avatar/face, is the only way in which you can understand me. If you take away the face, there is NOTHING. I am nothing.

The facade of social interaction is necessary, just as the imposed categories that construe experience are in order to gain knowledge itself.  I am Destre, and I am no more than a face. But enjoy that I am even that at all…



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