Sinistre’s passion

Poor Sinistre; he’s having a hard time right now because he is infatuated, or in his terms, very fond of another. Life, it seems, is the ultimate philosophical excercise. As advocates of reason over the emotions, we find our very frequent displays of sentimentality and passion very disturbing. Nussbaum’s Love’s Knoweldge shows us the constructive and very important role that the passions have in literature.

Another issue Sinistre finds troubling is his duties. Sinistre’s passions and his investment in his feeling is taking a toll on his other duties, namely to Destre and Areopagus. Sinistre is not performing as well as he should in virtue of his emotions being very strongly distracting.

Real life is difficult, and it makes a very hard time for Sinistre. I want to say I feel for him; but that’s in bad taste.

He’s worried sick about a particular girl; I hope both of them are okay…



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