On love

I was reading a few things about contemporamous philosophers tackling on the issue of love. I find it interesting that a subject such as love, which is so intimate yet universal among people is the perfect oppurtunity to be moral theorists. Despite the title of this post I have nothing interesting to say on the subject; although my token philosophers on the subject of love (Kant, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche), I think, are fruitless.

I read their views on women sometimes just for a laugh. I can’t take them seriously on that issue! Love is one of those issues which are of general interest to people, like time travel, artificial intelligence, and Marxism. How important is love to a moral philosophy? Lets look at certain perspectives:

  1. Christianity: We have to assume some kind of understanding of love to understand a lot of the messages of Christianity; such as creation, salvation, and the purpose of humanity
  2. Rationalism: Love construed putatively is seen more as passion but the love of wisdom/God is seen as the highest end. This is not a normal romantic connection between another person, but a yearning for knowledge, truth, and admiration of the order of nature and reality. I quite like this conception of love; because metaphysics can’t reject me!

Sinistre [unfinished]


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