Does this count as a first review?

Okay; one of my regular commentors (sp?) has said that I am among his list of regular blogs to view. Chris (of ‘Only a Game’) says:

My personal pick of the bunch is Shoshanna Baeur’s blog, which showcases her artwork, some of which draw from Jewish themes. I used one of her images on a post; I find her watercolours especially beautiful. Two other favourites are Science is a Method Not a Position – a fiercely anti-Skeptic fringe science newsfeed – and Sinistre & Destre’s noumenal realm, which is a delightfully whimsical philosophy blog with purposefully ambiguous authorship, and a place I go often to ramble incoherently in someone else’s backyard for a change.

I feel very self-conscious, but awfully flattered when people talk about us. So, I am ‘delightfully whimsical’ (I swear that’s an insult to me if you are a Humean…).

Also…’purposefully ambiguous authorship’? I shall alert Master Destre at once of this opinion!



P.S. In other news; Michael got shot down by a Theologian and is not feeling very happy about his friend Antony shooting down his confidence at every attempt at bravery he tries. I’ll let him talk about that…if he wants to.


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