D-s developments; thoughts on identity

After using the D-s to promote my agenda; I found something very odd. I rediscovered something that Michael’s former mentor before me left us. I don’t really know much about Michael’s former master, not much is relevant to say, here, really. But I found in using the D-s I gained some insights into the symbolism and nature of His mind. In a way; when we impart wisdom or impact upon others, we impart a part of ourselves into them. Our complex identities are characterised by the ways in which we show that others impose on us, and how we impose on others. It is that, that forms our ancestry, both predicative and causal.

D-s is more about Michael than it ever is me. It is in this way, that the mind becomes the soulless body; that I, Destre, am actually the res extensa. Pursuing my own agenda is worrying; it shall have an inevitable impact upon the body politic of Areopagus.

When two prisoners; anger and fear, are chained together; we find that in order for them to truly co-operate. They must change, and concede; but also learn from each other; so that the spirit of anger lives within fear, and the heart of fear is held in anger’s mind.

I think from what I learned of D-schema. I shall abandon it, and take the moral to heart, which I couldn’t have learned without D-s. I am not yet ready to surface; but perhaps, I never will, for I shall fade into the twin.



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