Things I should know about…[that I don’t]

  1. Theoretical physics of the past 100 years
  2. Mathematical logic
  3. Philosophical logic (beyond Modal logic, too)
  4. Calculus
  5. Microbiology and Zoology
  6. Epistemology
  7. Political philosophy
  8. Philosophy of Language
  9. Contemporary Christian Theology
  10. The Cathecism
  11. Post 2nd Vienniese school composition
  12. Post Grecian art
  13. Romantic Literature
  14. Classical Literature
  15. German Langauge
  16. Latin
  17. Social Psycholgy
  18. Cognitive Psychology
  19. Linguistics
  20. Theories of Truth

without an understanding of these, I cannot be Alexander; let alone, Aristotle…



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