An editorial decision

I have made the editorial decision to not include a comment into my post ‘Racist words’ which seems quite popular among my visitors. I did not include the comment for the following reasons:

1. The credentials were false

2. The point was unnecessarily racist

3. Although a possible serious point was made; the nature of the syntax and grammar smacked of a poorly thought argument.

 I want to make the following disclaimers:

1. I did not remove the comment solely because it was offensive (racist). I believe all views must be put in the public spotlight iff they obey polite conventions of argument and dialogue

2. One of us in the ‘Realm is currently writing a post on instances when racism may be desirable in a cultural framework; namely, against the ethnic majority as a politically oppositional motivation (a la NWA)



One thought on “An editorial decision

  1. This seems a good compromise; you cut the offensive comment, but made editorial note of the fact. This isn’t censorship, per se; it’s sound community management.

    I only delete two types of comments on my blog: those that are spam, and those that are offensive and insulting without expressing a viewpoint.

    Best wishes!

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