UK Government Blunder (20/11/07)

One of Michael’s colleagues, Magister Dawson, has (uncharacteristically) addressed a significant current affairs issue. I was talking with my old Master, Father Thomas about this issue, we were very concerned for a great many families in the United Kingdom. Please see the following links:

It is clear that the government has failed to protect the nation’s information. I shall bring up a different point than Magister Dawson. Iff we are to accept a model of government which is interpreted as a tacti agreement between the Leviathan and its constituent; the whole and its parts, then there are symbiotic relations between the two, duties that each must have to each other. In this instance, the Leviathan has failed to protect its constituents. It should be overthrown. But, perhaps that is a bit too rash in today’s vocabulary.

One thing I do respect, is that we are shooting the messenger. Alasdair Darling was not personally responsible for the blunder, but he is the one under fire. Bureaucracies seem to always direct blame to someone else. The incompetent office Junior has gotten away with it; you lucky bastard….you lucky bastard.

I hope they hang themselves for this. Michael just told me that’s a bit strong, well, [edited out].



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