Ethical issues of communication technologies

I am not an applied ethicist, nor would I desire to be one; despite this. This blog is the though diary of 3 individuals; so here are my thoughts!

The internet, radio, television, and all the other stuff that came about that is regarded as informaion communication technology; has changed the way in which we live. There are so many complexities in life, having them confounded by technological means raises new issues; I do not attempt a systematic list, but some prima facie instances which are philosophically significant:

  1. The ethics of identity; anonymity on the internet (funny, that I, Sinistre address this!)
  2. The ethics of disclosure: security through communication
  3. The politics of criticism: challenging ideas promulgating through the radio, or television, or internet. So-called “fanaticism” [note to self, see that an article is made on fanaticism].
  4. The relations of individuals: abuse, sex, love, friendships, family conduct. Is the internet different in a medium of communication than face-to-face? Many things people fear about relationships through the internet
    1. Sexual relationships
    2. Romantic relationships flourishing before physical meeting
    3. Inappropriate relationships (such as the Arwin Meives case, paedophilia, and insider trading)
    4. Terrorism
  5.  Censorship
  6. The boundaries of the westphalia paradigm; respecting national law on the internet
  7. Freedom of information
  8. Elitism/heirarchy issues (if any)
  9. Open source community: an interesting distinction is made between free (libre) and free (gratis) by many open source advocates.

A lot of issues here. I expect the usual suspects to come up and give their piece. This isn’t my area, but it needs to be thought about in this new, unfamiliar social condition.


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