Aphorisms of my friends

  1. To a priori say that ‘fantaticism is always wrong’ is the support of the very dogmatism we try to degrade. We must always entertain the possibility that even the most seemingly-absurd claim could be right [Antisophie]
  2. No one can say Kant was right without justifying the following: the distinction of Hume’s fork contra Quine; the legitimacy of the existence of a priori synthetic propositions; the a priori necessity of newtonian physics and its underlying Euclidian geometry. [Michael]
  3. The more I fall in love, the less my love means; only the first love is truest. A broken heart of a first love is the destruction of one’s purity, their humanity. Any attempt afterward to fall in love again, even if successful, can only be the simulation of that proverbial breaking of the hymen. Make your first time special, or lose your soul forever. [Sinistre]


3 thoughts on “Aphorisms of my friends

  1. Aphorism (1) is great – to say “fanaticism is always wrong” is to make a fanatical statement, and thus is oxymoronic. 🙂

    Sadly, I don’t know Quine well enough to know what (2) is entirely about – and I definitely don’t quite see why Newtonian physics would be an a priori necessity. .. I’m missing something for this one.

    As for (3), one may, perhaps, fall in love for the first time twice – once when one is lovelorn and the feeling is not returned, but once again when the love is reciprocated. The experience is entirely different.

    Best wishes!

  2. It makes little sense to me to conceive of ‘falling in love twice’; I grant your distinction is valid; but not significant enough to conclude that we fall in love twice. I accept more needs to be meted out of this weird concept called love


  3. My dear Chris,

    There is, within the concept of reciprocal love; the kind of love that two people share; whereby both patients (not agents, because love is a passion) to love each other (you just gave me an epiphany, by the way..). Both people have feelings for each other; but they cannot bring their love to fruition. Due to some fundamental barrier that holds them. This was my unfortunate calamity…

    She loved me, and so did I. But it could never be…it hurts so much. Perhaps this isn’t genuinely reciprocal.


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