Cowardice (Destre’s story)

I am not the real Destre. I take then name of my most cherished mentor. The real Destre; bears the name which I cannot bear to say. I was his student; his charge; his hope. Destra (as I shall call him) was from an old age, an old way of thinking, of acting, of being. Instilled in me he did, the most cherished and superior values and ideas of history; the characters of the Hellenic world; the metaphysicians of the classical; the composers of the Romantic; the political thinkers of the Enlightenment, and the ideal of malehood.

Destra sought to educate the whole person. This value is alien and perhaps even unwelcome in today’s world. Women of reason care not of the emotions, and men of the passions, care not of systematicity. In a world where experience is the criterion of truth; we forget our own transcendence over it. We forget ourselves, and the fundamental project of nobility, of duty, of service.

I was an obedient servant and student to Destra. Destra taught me many things; yet, there was something funadmentally corrupt and deceptive about our bond. I cared not of what people thought; the fact was this, our bond allowed me to become a better person, and I showed that of myself. Much hope was invested in me. Hope, that was lost.

There are many reasons why I failed. I never got the prize of being his greatest student. He invested so much hope in me and I disappointed him. There was a younger charge who looked up to me, who though I was the great hope for the future; the hope of the new wave of a new enlightenment, to challenge the current order of idolatry and populism. I failed them both; the one who looked up to me, and the one who looked forward through me. I do not wish to continue this pursuit;it is too painful to answer your question. You have sufficient approach to answer your question through the lives of Sinistre and Antisophie; but know this, some lives, are just different; some lives are just fundamentally cursed, or blessed. Many experience calamity, but those who do, also are better placed for greatness; for it is easy to find greatness in struggle, than greatness in ease.

Don’t curse your hindrances, live with them. That is not the answer you wanted; but you need to see inside yourself. You need to look beyond the left, the right, and the wise. Look within yourself. Have the courage to use your own understanding.

I apologise for my weakness to refuse your answer. This is too difficult. One day you shall remember, what it is that you are. You are far greater than all of us combined. You are the author, and we are the actors. In this Noumenal Realm; your mind has the power to creat the future. That is the beauty of human dominion.


[And so; the story of this event ends; but not our enquiries. What makes a person strive; when she feels so much pain? I still don’t know. Perhaps Destre’s point is; that we don’t know as some theoretical state about how we go on; but we practice living on. This is not a theoretical philosophical one; it is a matter of practical philosophy. Michael]


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