Aphorisms (Antisophie)

1. Philosophers often stage their setting of writing, or thinking, or examples of dialogue in a study. Hume, DEScaRTEs, Destre. This reflects that the inner world of their soul is their office, their study; a world of knwoledge, impotent, stationary, isolated, dark, alone, helpless.

2. It is a great tragedy to affiliate a person with an artwork. Michael associates songs with people; but that is wrong, for art elevates life itself, and the song. The person can never eminate the beauty of art; unless she is art/life herself.

3. People make me anxious, philosophers intimidate me, teaching and presenting myself brings me fear; but nothing makes me more anxious, indimidated and fearful than Kant. The combination of those terrible evils is a sweet poison; my oxygen.

4. That which cannot live can never die. A mortal comes into being and perishes; but an idea stays forever. I am eternal insofar as I embody the true feminine ideal; Strong and true to myself; loving to my clan, and brutal to my enemies. That is the ideal of the female.



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