The correlation between celebacy and greatness


I have learned about the recent troubles with a (now known as a hoax) purported incident with the Anscombe society. What is the Anscombe society? I didn’t know, so I looked it up. (Elizabeth Anscombe was one of, if not, THE greatest philosopher of the 20thC, so a society named after her has attracted my attention most definately).

{source 1:]

My first discovery:

Okay. So, I looked up the Anscombe society, and they have pretty conservative (consistent with Anscombe’s own Catholicism, I must add) views on sexuality, and they made an interesting distinction (which I have never heard of) between “chastity” and “celebacy”. What is the difference? I asked myself… wikipedia has the answers…

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My second discovery:

After looking at the article on wikipedia about celebacy; I found a list of ‘notable celebates’.. and I found basically a catalogue of people I admire:

i. Baruch Spinoza (rumoured, but not a terribly inconsistent rumour given his views on emotion and reason)
ii. Immanuel Kant (…)
iii. Stephen Fry (this one surprises me a lot)
iv. Isaac Newton (the hero of the enlightenment vision of discovery; and science and mathematics alike)

{source 3:}

Some other interesting ones here…(who I don’t know much about, but sound interesting)

I: Pope John Paul II – erm, isn’t this obvious?
II: Paul Erdos – what’s YOUR Erdos number? (mwahahaha)
III: G.H. Hardy – apparently did stuff in number theory (mwahaha)
IV. Cliff Richard (“congratulations”….)
V. Mahatma Ghandi

What an odd correlation, methinks

Michael (and Antisophie)


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