Musings on Music

1. I was on the piano with Sinistre today; I think we both found it difficult to play. Lets leave the past in the past; even if that past was beautiful. The past can no longer impose on us, albeit in our own minds. The sweet memories now turned bitter; are the greatness in the past lingering only as a memory in the mediocre present. [Michael]

2. Michael, I think your interest in Eternal Tears of Sorrow is quite Cockaygne; you are taken very much by the strong feelings evoked, and you overlook the very simplistic harmonies involved, I mean; goodness; they are just perfect 4th/5th intervals/”power chords”. SHAME ON YOU! YOU USED TO IDOLISE THE 2ND VIENNESE SCHOOL!; I worry that you perpetuate the anti-enlightenment ideologies you so oppose by advocating this kind of music…[Sinistre]

3. I still remember it all; Sinistre* still lives. This troubles me; for what remains of me, if my former greatness has returned? Will I perish, or be replaced by the all-better Sinistre*? Of this, I worry [Sinistre]

4. I was playing my old pieces earlier; it feels uncomfortable; I could play reasonably given that I haven’t practiced seriously in 4 years. I miss those days so much, but I must admit they are over. Michael defeated me; and our bet was; that if he won our competition, we would be philosophers…despite this. Areopagus reflects Condorcet’s ideals of the enlightenment process of discovery: beauty, goodness and truth; where better to find beauty than in music; truth in philosophy, and goodness in the actions of women and men… [Destre]


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