Sinistre Prime

I shall tell you a little bit more about Sinistre*:

Back in the past; when I was an aspiring musician; I was part of a corp of individuals; lets call them the Sinistreans. The basis of the Sinistreans was pure ability in music; our capacity to compose, perform, and try to outdo each other. We were a group of artisans and artists from a variety of backgrounds. Sinistre* was the leader.

Sinistre* was known as the leader; he was the most eminent of us all; he was known by many as the storyteller, the legend, the man with the memory, the man with the hands; his reputation made him both feared and revered. Sinistre* was my was my hero; he was my leader; my hope.

There came a point when (so we thought) he ceased to be. I was alone without him; lost, mediocre. I couldn’t continue playing the piano anymore; as the memories were too difficult. I ceased to be myself as Sinistre* died. I, however, took the unforunate burden of taking his name, taking the place of my hero as he died. I did not deserve this place, but it was forced upon me to continue his name.

Now that my hero¬†has returned. What is of my existence? My life is characteristed by the response to his loss, the response to, and the creation of a new life, a new source of identity from my past one, moving away from the reputation of ‘the legend’ and the man of stories; what shall become of me now that Sinistre* has returned?

I suspect he will challenge Destre’s authority; and try to take over Areopagus. Michael will be absent from our inner conflict; there will only be the fight for dominion between Sinistre and Destre; two headed dragons who fight for identity in the world of nous. For leadership of the bodypolitic Areopagus.

If Sinistre* defeats Destre; then our project becomes the one I adopted in hte past; all the things I became shall be lost, as I revert to Sinistre*’s rule. I will be condemned to repeat the past; the past I was supposed to have moved forward from. I have the certain hope of Troy past; do I choose that in favour of an uncertain-to-be-possible Rome future?

I cannot stand in this fight for our dominion; only Destre has the capacity as leader of Areopagus, to defend against that dragon/hero of the past, Sinistre*; for dominion. It is unfortunate when brothers must defeat each other. Especially those so intimate of heart as Destre and Sinistre*


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