The Scarcity Gap


Among my intellectual and cultural heritage; which includes Catholicism and Christian Theology; Early-Modern and Analytic philosophy; Classical (and Romantic) period music and ideology; black comedy; and certain discourses of difference…I also have a certain social theory tradition on my back which strives to be critical; ideological; and foremost: forward thinking in improving society.

A post was made by Antisophie []; and Sinistre provoked me to do a joint post. A certain utopian or Imaginary Reconstitution of Society [cf. Levitas] method has inspired these thoughts in Areopagus, but have also been around in social theory, literature, and even (continental) philosophy for a while.

The context 

1. If we are going to improve thigns in society; we must understand its processes

2. One thing we realise is that we have a finite quantity of resources that are applied to satisfy human needs and desires

3. The ‘Gap’ exists between the desires and needs we have, and the resources available to attain them.


I should emphasise this: this is NOT my area of expertise in any sense; but coming across this in my upbringing, it is important to remind myself, and to awaken these thoughts in my readers. Some ways we can apply solutions to the problem is firstly to define the problem; and then types of solutions.

DefN: The scarcity gap is the problem where a void exists when we have a set of desires and needs, and a stretch to meet said desires/needs by virtue of our available resources.

Solution 1: COCKAYGNE: assume technology will somehow find an answer, or we exhaust our current resources to satisfy our desires; the only thing that changes is (if anything at all); our technologies that manipulate resources, and NOT our consumption patterns.

Solution 2: ARCADIA: change our own attitudes towards resource usage, and our own moral character, and change resource usage and management. The leaning of this tendency is to be as ascetic as possible; soak up as much oil as you can for as much time as you can use it, for example.

I’m going to end the post prematurely here; so maybe we can provoke discussion


P.S. Hope you had a Merry Christmas…we are thinking of you, Destre

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