What is the highest end? (Kant’s answer)

Question (S): What is the highest end of humankind?

Answer (M): Well, Kant’s answer could be that: the highest end is moral virtue, our moral conduct. The faculty of reason, the highest capacity of personkind, is best applied not to the cognition of the world; but moral conduct; for reason alone cannot organise the reality as it is in itself; that is, the supersensible; however, the rational faculty of the mental can be used to access the noumenal realm insofar as it gives us moral laws and imperatives which we guide reason to deliberate upon. We are free from the determinist world insofar as we act in accordance with a special type of causality, the act of rational self-governance; moving away from a natural predisposed sentiments and mindset, into accordance with the imperatives that we self-legislate upon ourselves.

Response (A): That sounds a bit shit, doesn’t it?

Sinistre, Michael, Antisophie


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